Wedding at Quinta de Catralvos: Lucia & José’s Perfect Match

Ah, love! When Lucia and José came together, it was as if the universe conspired in their favor from the very start. As a photographer, I knew I had found the perfect pair to capture: them. From our engagement session, it was clear that we were destined to create something incredible together. The preparations were a mix of relaxation and excitement. Even with a slight delay (who hasn’t been there?), the bride found time to let me capture those precious moments, while sipping on her Beirão liqueur to calm her nerves. The church ceremony was a dance of glances between the couple, amid smiles and moments of pure serenity. The cocktail hour was a burst of music and joy! Despite the inevitable family photo session, Lucia and José remained calm, with some fun moments along the way. And then came the party! With an epic battle between men and women, I decided to explore new photographic techniques to capture all the energy and dynamism of the moment. The result? Photos that exude fun and emotion with every flash.

So was Lucia & José’s wedding at Quinta de Catralvos – a celebration full of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. May their journey continue to be as vibrant as this special day!


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings