Boho-Inspired Wedding at Aba da Serra: Love, Emotion, and Adorable Dogs

It was at the incredibly special wedding of Neide & Bruno that I discovered this new and amazing venue for celebrations, Aba da Serra. Located in the village of Abrigada, at the foot of the Montejunto mountain range, Aba da Serra is more than just a farm – it’s the perfect setting for the grand celebration of love. With a team of highly qualified professionals ready to take care of every detail of your event, it’s the place where dreams come true. It’s no wonder the couple chose this incredible venue for their big day!

With a Boho-inspired atmosphere, this wedding was simply magical. Neide and Bruno, accompanied by their teenage daughter and their adorable white golden retrievers, finally decided to officially tie the knot.

Neide’s preparations were emotional and filled with special moments. Tears almost rolled down her cheeks when she saw her dogs, when her daughter handed her the bouquet, and when she saw her father for the first time, already dressed for the ceremony.

The ceremony, conducted by two close friends, was filled with old stories and emotion, both for the guests and the couple. And the special toast from the couple’s daughter was a truly touching moment, with the newlyweds being welcomed by olive leaves, accompanied by their loyal pups.

After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed an almost nighttime photo session, as the couple wanted to make the most of their time with friends and family. As a photographer, my goal is to capture the day exactly as it unfolds, without forcing artificial poses.

The party took place in a rustic stone room, illuminated by beautiful lighting that created a truly charming atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out this report and be enchanted by every moment of this very special day!


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings