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People in love.

The Human Behind the Lens

No clichés here, just a quick peek into my journey. I’m a film and video graduate with some experience in national and international projects, from music videos to documentaries and more. My path led me to the world of wedding photography, where I capture the joy of people’s happiest days. I began as a videographer a long time ago (more than 10 years), crafting energetic and emotional videos. That’s when I discovered the art of portraying people during one of the happiest days of their lives. I started out as a videographer and made videos full of energy and emotion. 

Becoming a wedding photographer filled my creative heart. I’m documental, experimental, discreet, and honest. Instead of me talking, I’d love for you to hear what couples say about their experience with me and Make Me Feel. These words and photos on this page showcase the people who define who I am on a wedding day. These are the people I came across as a wedding photographer who best describe who I was for them: And who I like to be on a wedding day!

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Why “Make Me Feel” as a brand?

Simple. To me, a wedding is about capturing the abundance of smiles, hugs, tears, nerves, and shivers. That’s the heart of it. The light, colors, and framing? Secondary. Moments are everything.

My photography’s value? It’s in the emotions I aim to convey as a wedding photographer, sprinkled with a dose of humor and positivity. Every time I pick up my cameras, that’s the vibe I carry with me. Ahah!

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I’m not your typical wedding photographer. I focus on capturing moments and making you feel at ease,. No stiff, posed photos – my couples want to enjoy the day with loved ones. I see myself more as a photographer of moments.

This is the “Make Me Feel” experience: I make camera-shy couples comfortable, capturing the moments they want to remember. I’m the person you’ll spend the most time with in your day, but I’ll often be one of the most invisible.I thrive with non-traditional couples who do things their way, and I turn those moments into eternal, unique memories.

So, let’s kick-start this journey together! I could be your wedding photographer, and we’ll set the mood with a killer playlist, and maybe I could become your wedding photographer!

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