Wedding at Quinta da Lage: A Blend of Classic, Traditional, and Modern

Madalena and Pedro chose Quinta da Lage for their wedding, and the result was a celebration that blended classic, traditional, and modern elements in a unique way. The ceremony took place at the stunning church of Sesimbra Castle, providing breathtaking panoramic views captured by drone. It was an emotional ceremony, with an orchestra creating a captivating musical atmosphere that touched the hearts of all present.

Right after the ceremony, the couple surprised everyone by leaving in a military car from the 80s, signaling the beginning of a memorable party. At Quinta da Lage, relaxed and spontaneous moments marked a “wild” photo session, without poses, where the smiles were genuine and contagious. The entrance to the tent for dinner was truly epic. The couple led the way, accompanied by almost 30 guests, while LED lights created a magical and unique atmosphere in the darkness of the night. The party reached its peak with a truly special moment: the bride wore a cape with blue LED lights, adding a touch of modernity and creating spectacular images that will surely be remembered by all present. 

Madalena and Pedro’s wedding at Quinta da Lage was truly unforgettable, a journey that blended tradition, emotion, and modernity, creating memories that will be cherished forever by the couple and their guests.


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings