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Hey there, friend! Let me tell you about the wedding I photographed in Quinta do Convento, Portugal. It was a stunning venue with some seriously cool houses inside. The yellow walls and green gardens made for the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom’s special day.

As soon as I arrived, I knew this was going to be a great shoot. The houses were so unique and full of character, I couldn’t wait to start snapping away. The gardens were also a dream come true for any photographer – lush and green with pops of colorful flowers. And let’s not forget about those yellow walls – they added a touch of warmth and vibrancy to every shot. 


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But enough about the venue, let’s talk about the couple. They were absolutely adorable and so in love. It was a pleasure to capture their special moments and turn them into memories that will last a lifetime. I even managed to get some shots of them in front of one of the cool houses – talk about a picture-perfect moment!

Hey friend, let me tell you about this wedding I photographed in Quinta do Convento, Portugal. The couple got ready in two super nice old houses, which made for some great photo ops. But the real tear-jerker moment was when the bride saw her grandma and got super emotional. I managed to capture some amazing black and white photos that really captured the emotion of the moment.

The ceremony itself was held inside a wine cellar, which was a really unique and cool setting. And let me tell you, everyone was emotional. I mean, it’s a wedding, so of course there were tears of joy all around. But there was something extra special about this one. Maybe it was the setting, or maybe it was just the love between the couple and their families, but it was definitely a day to remember.

Overall, it was an incredible experience and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. Weddings like this are what make me love my job even more.

So we continued in this Quinta do Convento wedding in Portugal. The dinner hall was decorated with bottles of wine as the seating area plan. How cool is that? The white tables and chairs against the brown floor created a rustic yet elegant vibe.

But the real party started when the band, Colours Beat, took the stage. They were amazing! The transparent saxophone and violin decorated with color LEDs added a unique touch to their performance. I couldn’t help but dance along with the guests. And the night ended on a high note with the LED dance floor.

Overall, it was a fantastic wedding with unforgettable decorations and entertainment. I feel lucky to have been a part of it all.


All in all, it was an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. If you ever get the chance to photograph a wedding in Quinta do Convento, I highly recommend it. The houses, gardens, and yellow walls make for the perfect backdrop for any couple’s special day.