Nestled in the heart of Portugal, Claudia and Rodrigo said “I do” in a cozy November wedding at Quinta do Coração. Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of Portugal’s charm, where getting married is a year-round affair. Portugal’s mild climate makes it the perfect wedding destination any time of year. The couple chose November, embracing the versatility of Portugal’s seasons and making it their own. Claudia donned a stunning tiara, while Rodrigo looked sharp and stylish by her side. Their love radiated as they exchanged vows, surrounded by the beauty of Quinta do Coração.

Family played a central role in their ceremony. Both sets of parents shared touching speeches, drawing from their own 30-year journey of love. Their words filled the air with warmth and wisdom, setting the tone for Claudia and Rodrigo’s future together. Quinta do Coração was adorned with festive red plates, giving the winter wedding a cozy, Christmas vibe. Against this backdrop, Claudia’s veil stole the show during their couple’s session, creating stunning shots that captured the essence of their love. The cake cutting marked the perfect end to their celebration. With laughter and joy, Claudia and Rodrigo sealed their love with a kiss, followed by a toast with gin and tonic on a cool LED wall, go see it on the end.


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings

Claudia and Rodrigo’s wedding wasn’t just a celebration; it was a reminder of the enduring power of love. As they embarked on this new chapter of their lives, they did so hand in hand, their hearts full of love and their future bright.