Rain of Happiness: Daniela & Tiago’s Wedding at Quinta do Casal Novo

It was supposed to be the perfect day, but Mother Nature decided to add an extra touch to Daniela & Tiago’s celebration: rain! But you know what? They didn’t mind one bit. In fact, the rain made everything even more special!

The preparations were a true test of resilience against the downpours, but when the time for the ceremony arrived, the sky opened up and the clouds seemed to applaud as the couple exchanged their vows and rings outdoors. And what a warm reception they received from the guests, with petals flying through the air and a shy sun peeking through!

Sure, the rain decided to return for the cocktail hour, but that didn’t stop the fun from continuing. And the decoration? An explosion of tropical leaves and super modern table markers that left everyone impressed.

And even with a few raindrops, I managed to steal the couple away for a session just for two that captured all the magic of the moment.

The cake cutting may have happened indoors, but the DJ’s lights transformed the atmosphere into a true rainbow of colors, and I didn’t miss the chance to capture every moment without needing a flash.

And then came the first dance, followed by a lively party that made everyone forget about the rain outside. It was the cherry on top of the cake of a simply unforgettable day.

May Daniela & Tiago’s love always shine, just as it did even in the midst of a blessed rain shower!


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings