An Unconventional Engagement in Lisbon’s Tropical Botanical Garden

When it comes to engagement sessions, most couples usually think of places like Sintra, Sesimbra, or even a sunny beach. But what if I told you there’s an unexpected spot right in the heart of Lisbon that can surpass all expectations? Well, that’s what happened with Daniela & Tiago when I challenged them to think outside the box and explore the Tropical Botanical Garden.

While many couples seek a connection with nature, few consider the idea of finding this bond amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. But the truth is, the Tropical Botanical Garden offers a unique experience with its oriental-inspired gardens and picturesque location along the banks of the Tagus River.

When I met Daniela & Tiago, I was impressed by the style they brought to the session. Daniela looked stunning in a green dress, complemented by a super cute bag. Meanwhile, Tiago was elegant in a white shirt and beige pants. They were the perfect picture of sophistication, perfectly in tune with the natural surroundings.

But the real highlight of this session was capturing Daniela’s passion for palm trees. As we walked along a path surrounded by these majestic trees, I could feel the energy and excitement she radiated. It’s no wonder palm trees have become the central theme of her wedding – they represent not only her aesthetic but also her connection with nature and with Tiago himself.

At the end of the day, as I reviewed the photos from this session, I realized that true love lies in finding beauty and magic in the most unexpected places. And for Daniela & Tiago, their date at Lisbon’s Tropical Botanical Garden was much more than just a dating session – it was an adventure that led them to discover a new side of the city they love.


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings