A Session at Sesimbra Castle and Alpertuche Beach: Romance and Discoveries

And off we went, ready for another dating challenge with Lúcia & José! This time, destiny took us to the famous Sesimbra Castle for a romantic journey filled with discoveries.

We began our adventure by exploring the castle walls, savoring every moment to capture the magic of the place. We strolled together, pausing at corners where the light played interestingly, and in the end, we captured some moments with the city as our backdrop. Oh, love was definitely in the air!

After bidding farewell to the castle, a short 15-minute walk awaited us to the stunning Alpertuche Beach. I must confess I didn’t know the place, but it was an amazing surprise! Such a tiny beach, tucked away in a cove, with rocks scattered throughout the sea and sand. And to complete the scenery, a clandestine little house, with its white and blue tones, which once served as support for beach visitors. Of course, we couldn’t miss capturing some moments there too!

With Lúcia & José already feeling quite at ease, we decided to innovate a bit more in the photos. We experimented with lower speeds, creating those dragging effects that add a special touch. And to top it all off, I played around with my crystal, creating overlays that made everything even more magical. It was simply a perfect day, full of laughter, love, and incredible photographs to cherish forever.


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings