Today was an exciting new experience for me – my first ever date session in the beautiful Ericeira, Sintra. I accompanied Raquel and Bernardo through the cobblestone streets of the town center, amidst white and colorful houses, stopping to admire graffiti, tiles, and soaking in all the vibrant atmosphere Ericeira has to offer.

It was amazing to see how, as the afternoon unfolded, this shy couple gradually loosened up, relaxing with every step we took together. I strive to keep my sessions as natural as possible, as if we’re just taking a stroll and having a chat, so when we find that perfect spot, everything falls into place seamlessly. Capturing those romantic and intimate moments becomes easy when the connection is there.

And, of course, we couldn’t end without heading down to the beach to witness the spectacle of the sunset. It was the perfect moment to conclude this memorable session, with the sun dipping below the horizon, painting the sky with its vibrant colors and creating a breathtaking backdrop for this lovestruck couple.


Video – Make Me Feel Weddings

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings