During a recent maternity photoshoot in a hotel called Quinta do Castanheiro in Sintra, the couple brought along a stuffed grey elephant as a prop. The elephant was prominently featured in several of the photos, adding a playful element to the otherwise serene setting.

The room where the photoshoot took place was cozy and inviting, thanks in part to the fireplace and wood wall. The warm glow of the fire added a romantic ambiance to the photos, while the wood wall provided a rustic backdrop for the couple’s portraits. Overall, the combination of the stuffed elephant and the charming room made for a memorable and unique maternity photoshoot in a hotel.

We had a bunch of accessories to make this moment even more important. I worked in a very laidback from. I let the couple just be themselves and we just had a blast in this lovely rainy and cold afternoon. You don’t have to go to a studio or outside to make these perfect images. If you don’t have a big house, just book a cozy little room in a cool place and enjoy a weekend as a couple and take a afternoon for this. It was perfect, don’t you think?



Place – Quinta do Castanheiro

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings