I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement session in chiado. The bride looked stunning in her black and white polka dot dress, while the groom looked dapper in his denim pants and crisp white t-shirt. We spent the day exploring the vibrant streets of downtown Lisbon, capturing beautiful moments along the way.

As the day went on, we made our way to a nearby beach for some breathtaking shots. The couple’s love for each other was evident in every photo, and it was a joy to capture those special moments. Lisbon provided the perfect backdrop for this engagement session, with its colorful buildings and stunning scenery.

I had time to experiment with slow shutter and captured a super amuzing moment when a couple of gentleman’s passed on by the couple. One was dressed funny. Can you find this picture? We did walk a lot, and that’s something that i love to do in my sessions. Walking is the best to capture a lot of different scenes and spaces. 

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience. I feel privileged to have been a part of this special moment in the couple’s lives. Lisbon truly is a magical city, and I can’t wait to capture more beautiful moments here in the future. hope you liked this engagement session in chiado! 


Place – Lisboa

Photography – Make Me Feel Weddings