An Adventure at Ribeira do Cavalo Beach: Claudia & Rodrigo’s Engagement Session

Capturing Claudia and Rodrigo’s engagement session at Ribeira do Cavalo Beach was like embarking on an expedition full of excitement and natural beauty. Navigating to this beach is almost an adventure in itself, with twists and descents that challenge even the most intrepid explorers. But oh boy, the destination is worth every step!

The scenery unfolding before our eyes is breathtaking. Majestic rocks emerge from the blue waters, creating a backdrop worthy of a movie scene. And it was exactly in this breathtaking setting that Claudia and Rodrigo immersed themselves in the sunny atmosphere for their photo session.

But the fun was just beginning! After capturing the perfect moments on the beach, came the real test of endurance: climbing back to the top for more adventures. And to make the day even more epic, we ended the journey at Cabo Espichel, with a spectacle of colors as the sun set on the horizon.

And if I had to choose the highlight of this session, it would undoubtedly be Claudia’s second outfit. An orange dress paired with a white shirt that simply rocked. It was as if the sun itself decided to descend from the sky to illuminate this stunning scene even more.

Claudia, Rodrigo, and I faced challenges, but each obstacle was rewarded with moments of pure magic. And so, on this journey at Ribeira do Cavalo Beach, we captured not only photographs but memories that will last forever.


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