Liliana Andre Sintra Adraga Trash Dress 178

I recently did a photoshoot of a Trash the Dress In Sintra at the road of Peninha and the Adraga beach. The location was perfect for capturing stunning shots. I used a drone to take an amazing aerial shot of the couple.

The couple had a great time during the shoot. They even got their feet wet at the beach, which added a fun element to the photos. Overall, it was a successful photoshoot and I am excited to see the final results.

A trash the dress photoshoot is a unique and memorable way to commemorate your wedding day. Not only does it provide an opportunity to capture stunning and unconventional photos, but it also allows you to let loose and have some fun.

Contrary to what the name suggests, a trash the dress photoshoot does not actually involve destroying your wedding dress. Instead, it involves wearing your dress in unconventional settings and situations, such as in a pool or on a beach. This can result in some truly breathtaking and artistic photos that you will cherish for years to come.

Furthermore, a trash the dress photoshoot provides a chance to let go of any lingering stress or anxiety from the wedding day. It allows you to fully embrace the moment and enjoy yourself without worrying about getting your dress dirty or ruining it. Overall, a trash the dress photoshoot is a unique and fun way to celebrate your wedding day and create lasting memories. 


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