In the picturesque beachfront venue we get to this wedding at Waikiki in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. Love took center stage as Bruna and Mabyo, a charming couple from Brazil, celebrated their destination wedding. The day began with a unique twist as they opted for a first look without actually laying eyes on each other. Instead, they chose to share a moment of connection, talking and touching hands, setting the emotional tone for the day.

The ceremony was a heartfelt affair, made even more special with the entrance of their daughter. Riding in on a wooden car, she held a balloon shaped like a star bearing the name of her grandpa, who was fondly watching the wedding from the stars above. It was a touching tribute that added a poignant touch to the joyous occasion.


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As the sun dipped below the horizon, the couple embarked on a captivating photo session against the backdrop of a perfect sunset. The golden hues of the sky reflected the warmth of their love, creating timeless memories captured in each frame.

The evening unfolded into a lively celebration, with guests fully immersed in the spirit of festivity. The dance floor sizzled with energy as everyone joined in the revelry. The combination of a beautiful setting, emotional moments, and a lively atmosphere made Bruna and Mabyo’s wedding a truly unforgettable experience, blending the natural beauty of this wedding at Waikiki with the warmth of their love.