Manon + Armindo Read More

Manon + Armindo

From France to Lisbon, Manon (French) and Armindo (son of Portuguese imigrante) decided to have their dream wedding in Portugal. But 2020 and the pandemic made them postpone for the next year. Still i had the pleasure of showing them some great places in Serra de Sintra, even in October and a freezing wind we did a super relaxed and fun engagement session.

Diana + Kiko Read More

Diana + Kiko

In this engagement session we visited Portuguese Alentejo. In Sesmarias Turismo Rural & Spa, we got together with Diana + Kiko in their vacation, and had a blast! They are living in Holland, so this was a great change of scenery. They danced, played and jumped their way into a super natural session. They don’t like poses, and neither do us… but i’ve got one that I do a lot and works every time… the get together, hug and cuddle!

Liliana + André Read More

Liliana + André

Even amist a pandemic in 2020 due to COVID-19, these two decided they would not postpone their wedding day, even with masks and social distancing involved. But first we did this simple and relaxed engagement session. We strolled around the almost empty streets of Sintra Village. We ended our day in the tracks of the tram that goes from Sintra to the beaches.

Doris + Diogo Read More

Doris + Diogo

This was a very special Lisbon session to me! i Met Dóris a few years back, as she is a wedding planner for Fashion Moments Eventos. Since we crossed paths, she as seen my work grow from just a videographer to a full creative. When she got engaged she said I was the only choice she had for their wedding day. So it was an honor to work with such a cute couple and it was too easy. Mostly because me and Dóris had a great friendship. So here’s my take on a lifestyle inspired engagement session!

Adriana + Joel Read More

Adriana + Joel

Adriana & Joel had their engagement session in beautiful Belém, Lisbon. This time the photographer was Sofia Vaz. She did an amazing job since the bride & groom were really tired from their flight and this is the finished result!

Telma + Bruno Read More

Telma + Bruno

Lisbon is such a great place to do engagement sessions. There’s always a lot to explore and I always leave the couple really relaxed and let them have a stroll around as I get some pictures of them!

Cátia & João Read More

Cátia & João

The Gulbenkian Gardens in central Lisbon are a great place to spend an afternoon in a warm sunny day. This couple loves this place and we went there to do their engagement shoot like it was the first time strolling around there!

Christina + Francisco Read More

Christina + Francisco

They came all the way from Algarve to see Sintra. I took them to the least touristic places and routes. If I get my couples smiling, relaxing and having fun then I can start to do my magic.

Tânia + João Read More

Tânia + João

We went for a walk near rio Tejo in Belém to do a engagement session with their baby. This couple got to hang with us in a summer afternoon to create some beautiful moving memories for their wedding day.

Joana + Hugo Read More

Joana + Hugo

Engagement session in Alfama, Lisbon. We couldn’t almost handle this rebellious couple, running around the tight streets of this neighbourhood. We love the colours, decorations and the peculiar feeling you have here in Alfama!