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Bruno Fonseca

I'm passionate, dedicated, authentic, fun and a very nice guy. At least that what people say About Me! Well if it was me, I would say I am stressed and anxious by nature, very critic of myself and my work and lots of dark humor that sometimes should be left untold! ahah! What brings me here and to share these words with you is not only to talk about my myself, instead I want to talk about you and my work as a Photographer & Videographer.

Before that, i have to start by sharing with my whole life, from my childhood dreams and experiences, where i grew, what sports i did, my first car... hmmmmm take it easy!!!! Of course I won't waste your time with that, I will focus on the essential.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”​

Photography and Video are to me a form of revealing not what we see but the emotions that we feel. It’s a form of art that let’s us freeze time and cherish moments, describe the world in it’s essence. Behind the lens that’s the magic that I love to capture.

When we look at those pictures the ideia is that you feel the same way you read a poem twice. That that magic gets you in a time machine and share those saved memories in your life and the next generations to come!

What we want to offer to you is exactly that, to make you feel. That’s of course the name of my brand, Make Me Feel! And when I decided to use this name and what I love to do, it only made sense to be a team driven project. Although they don’t appear here (they prefer the backstage as me) all of us work with the same philosophy in mind, each one with they particular vision.

Why Weddings, may you ask? Because it’s a day to remember, and what better choice to be behind the camera to capture all the strong and easily forgettable moments and store them in images. Also this is such a creative process, where we can explore and do so many different things. The creative possibilities are gigantic! But in the end we love to be there in the backstage and just capture everything as it unfolds in front of your eyes!

Let there be emotion, intimacy and pure joy for our cameras to capture. We want it all

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

Now you know everything about Make Me Feel’s work! Still, just some more tidbits of me: I love to travel. I really really love to travel! Never alone of course, always with my wife beside me, and a camera somewhere in a backpack! Now you asked me… “where the part talking about us?” Well, you are awesome to read this all the to the end, so I bet we would love to meet each other and have a nice chat and some tea, and you tell me your story.

Oh, and don’t forget, if you’re not getting married here in Portugal by chance, just take me with you!


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    Wedding, Frankfurt


If you want to share a Frappucino or a Latte Machiato in a Starbucks nearby i'm always ready! Come tell me your story and what you've got planned for your wedding day. I would love to meet you and maybe be your wedding photographer!


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